Samuel Watt was an American-born resident of Rapture, born in the Wild West town of Goodriver on May 21st, 1862.


Early LifeEdit

Samuel was born to John (November 28th 1835-February 1st 1896) and Alice Watt (April 15th 1838-April 21st 1923) in the town of Goodriver, California, a stereotypical Wild West town. He was, and would remain, an only child. His parents had had a daughter a year before, but she died due to an infection. Goodriver was a town in the Sonoran Desert that was built during the Gold Rush, eventually becoming a prosperous frontier trading town. Samuel's parents were both ranchers by trade, and Samuel learnt much about ranching, survival skills and life in general from his two traditional yet friendly parents. He didn't exactly have an easy life, while he enjoyed his surroundings and found them interesting, and his community was small and isolated yet friendly and loving; war, disease, outlaws and poverty remained a constant threat, and Samuel never had a proper education, not learning to read until he was an adult. His upbringing gave him a very religious outlook on life, as well as gave him a strong moral compass. He learnt the use of firearms from an early age, to help ward off cattle rustlers and other assorted criminals, as well as to engage in hunting when need be.

It looked like Samuel would follow his parents down the road of ranching, and in his teens and early adulthood, he did so, often being seen helping his parents and other ranch employees with various tasks involved in the running of the ranch. When not ranching or attending to his basic needs, he would often be found gambling or drinking at the local saloon, or just hanging around the small town, socialising with the townsfolk. At the age of 24, he got married to Cassandra MacBrian, the friendly daughter of one of the local bankers.