The Pacifists Protective Plasmid Producers company, or Pacifists Plasmids for short, is a company which tailors to a specific crowd of terrified consumers. PP saw a market open to a people who would rather not engage in fighting and instead defend themselves to the best of their ability but up until the establishment of PP in 1958 the option did not exist.

Plasmid LineEdit


Manne-quick - This plasmid, when activated, changes the density, texture and color of the skin so the user appears to be a white plastic mannequin. During use of the plasmid the user cannot move due to the hardening of the skin but is able to see. Use of the plasmid drains a small but constant portion of EVE until the plasmid is triggered to stop. Due to the rather unstable nature of the plasmid when turning off the plasmid the user's movement become sluggish for a few minutes.


Slug Repellent - Upon activation the plasmid creates a strong magnetic field around the caster which is strong enough to repel bullets or failing at that the field can slow them down enough to not cause life-threatening damage. The plasmid although not created for such a use and be used to repel metal objects at high speeds although there is no way to properly aim with this plasmid so it is more of a last resort. The plasmid has been known to attract metal on rare occasions which in its testing stages has propelled an incoming bullet at extreme velocities towards the user that it pierced a clean hole through his head and a series of walls behind him.