K.E.R.P bottle.

The Kinetic Energy Recovery Plasmid, abbreviated K.E.R.P is a privately made plasmid, and a very unstable one at that.


K.E.R.P was started as a private project by amateur geneticists. Their original intention was to create a plasmid that would give the user superhuman strength but along the way in their research they learned how to psionically manipulate kinetic energy for combat use. Realizing this the geneticists invested a lot of time into refining their research in order to sell the product to the rising terrorist groups in Rapture.

Before finishing their product they were killed by Rapture police and only a cache of the unstable plasmid remains.


Due to the pressures the kinetic energy puts on the user, the hand which the plasmid is shot from takes a rough, dry and cracked appearance, like that of cracked earth.

Upgrade PathEdit

K.E.R.P Level 1 The plasmid, at the cost of a 1/4 of total eve, for a period of time, will reduce damage (i.e: bullet impact, physical blows, things of that nature) by draining its kinetic energy. Releasing the energy will release the kinetic energy as an invisible super-heated blast.

K.E.R.P Level 2

Charging the plasmid will drain kinetic energy from the aforementioned sources and will also drain it from running enemies, slowing them down considerably. Releasing the energy will release a more powerful super-heated blast. (Note: at any point during the kinetic drain you can release the energy as an attack but the power of the attack is directly affected by how much you let it absorb)

K.E.R.P Level 3

Charging the plasmid drains the same as the aforementioned but the drain takes considerably less time and when shot straight out (as opposed to shooting at a floor above you) it is amazingly quick and leaves a noticeable path of destruction. The charge is white-hot and much more powerful (evident by the destructive trail it leaves).

Side EffectsEdit

Naturally, the unfinished product does produce troublesome side-effects.

K.E.R.P speeds up the mental decay and physical mutation, usually exacerbated by plasmid use, a lot faster than most other plasmids. In addition, heavy use of the plasmid may cause involuntary release of kinetic energy.