Jamie Mc Ferald (born April 18th, 1910) was a Scottish boy born into a very wealthy family and raised in Glasgow. He was introduced to Ryan after an employee of his noticed him outshine most other in his classes and was offered the life changing chance to move to a new superior city.


After being the last born child into the wealthy and well respected McFerald family it wasn't hard for him to get spots in all the best schools and colleges around the world. When he was 20 (1930), he was noticeably more intelligent than both of his older brothers (John 25, Adam 22). Jamie's social status was the thing he held most valued, knowing that if he wanted to succeed he would not only have to be highly intelligent, like he was, but also very well respected. After finishing school Jamie moved to New York with the ambition to launch his own chain off electrical stores, with the backing and investment of his father they quickly became successful and Jamie was one of the most well known people in New York. Putting all his effort and time into his business Jamie never had the chance to start a family and grew apart from his own. Making a name for himself was one of the best, yet foolish mistake he had ever made.


Jamie, aged 17


Being high society was believed to be a key factor in who Andrew Ryan personally picked to move into his great city. But what separated Jamie from others was his extremely high intelligence and business skills and the added bonus that he had almost no other family attachments. After having someone follow Jamie's life, through school till businessman Andrew decided Jamie was a perfect candidate to become a high earner in Rapture. After being approached by representatives of Ryan with this non refusable offer, he was weary at first but quickly jumped on the idea of being able to take his company to new heights by conquering the market of this grand new city.