Gravity Void Edit

Gravity Void is a Plasmid, made for the man with too much stuff. It was used by workmen all around Rapture. Gravity Void creates a space anywhere it is used, that simulates an non-gravitational environment. Everything in this void floats for as long as the energy in the void remains active.


Gravity Void was created by Ryan Industries, after it was commissioned by the Workmans Union of Rapture (WUR). WUR was dealing with many complaints about workmen and members of the union having to crawl into tight or crammed spaces, and not having any room for tools. WUR (having little knowledge in Plasmids or gene splicing) believed that they could request Ryan Industries to make the Plasmid for them. Ryan Industries grudgingly accepted, but only because of the sum of money that was offered to them. Development began in 1955, with a Dr. Haves leading the project. Haves was sick with cancer, and had some time before he would die, and wanted to spend his last years in Rapture doing what he loved: making scientific breakthroughs. Haves worked on Gravity Void like Suchong worked on Telekinesis and Sonic Boom, and based his Plasmid off of several of his discoveries. After a year and a half, the Plasmid was near complete, as Haves approached his final days. On his death bed, he spliced himself with a prototype Gravity Void, and spent his last minutes alive floating through his hospital room. Four months later, a finished version was shipped out and sent to Gatherer's Gardens all over Rapture.


Gravity Void uses methods developed for Telekinesis, and creates a void of warped air to simulate zero gravity. This Plasmid was used by companies that worked with WUR, and individuals who wanted to make their jobs easier. The Plasmid could lift tool boxes, wrenches, and other equipment, whereas a charged Gravity Void could carry heavy equipment and even people. There was only one version of Gravity Void, since Haves died before the one and only version shipped out.

Gravity Void: Creates a 3-6 meter void where there is simulated zero gravity. A quick shot will carry about 80 lbs, whereas a charged shot can carry 200 lbs. Charging takes three seconds. The Plasmid generally lasts 3 minutes, but a charged shot lasts 15.

A side effect of this Plasmid is that the user sometimes has weaker bones. Occasionally, the user will get caught in his own Void, and prolonged exposure could cause bones to become weak from a lack of gravity.


This Plasmid is carried by some Splicers, and is favoured by survivors. Since the void is invisible, it can be used to create stealthy traps that are easy and quick to place. It can be bought at most Garden machines, but not all, for about 100 ADAM. It is more expensive at working locations such as Neptune's Bounty.