General TipsEdit

  • Your plasmid does not have to be made by Fontaine Futuristics or any of the popular genetics companies in Bioshock, it can be made by a group of people skilled in genetics.
  • When thinking of a name make it simple. If your plasmid shoots a substance that glues enemies in place call it Bio-glue, do not make the names needlessly long!
  • Make sure your plasmid makes logical sense and ADHERES TO THE LAWS OF PHYSICS. You are allowed to be creative and use a little Bioshock magic to achieve a cool power but do not go crazy. A plasmid that makes everyone in a certain radius explode is not acceptable.
  • Don't make your plasmid too similar to already established plasmids. If you want to make a fire-based plasmid then don't just have that plasmid throw bolts of fire.
  • Do not write your plasmid as if it is going to be used for a game, write it as if the plasmid was going to be used for real life situations.

Writing Your Plasmid ArticleEdit

Step 1: HistoryEdit

It is always important to write the history of a certain plasmid.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How was this plasmid developed?
  • Who developed this plasmid?
  • How available is this certain plasmid? Was it mass produced or is there only a small supply?

Establishing a history is very important because you do not want to be stuck just creating a plethora of plasmids with "cool" abilities and turning the wiki into a "Create Your Own Plasmid" thread.

Step 2: AbilitiesEdit

This step is quite obvious, its abilities. All plasmids should have UP TO 3 levels. No more than 3.

Write your levels out in this format:

<u>'''PlasmidName Level 1'''</u>: Description

It will look like this:

PlasmidName Level 1: Description

Also be sure to describe some side effects it may have, especially if your plasmid was not made by the more well-known manufacturers.

Do's and Don'tsEdit

  • Do not overpowered your plasmid, it will ABSOLUTELY BE DELETED.
  • Do not make mind control plasmids.
  • Do not make a plasmid that makes no sense, as discussed in Step 2.
  • Do explain the science behind your plasmid, a good explanation keeps the delete tag away!
  • Do categorize your article under the Plasmid category.
  • Do add an image of a plasmid bottle, it makes the article more aesthetically pleasing.

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