Clyde Truman was a respected dentist in Rapture before the cosmetic usage of ADAM. With ADAM, teeth would grow back overnight if they fell out and their was an infinite set of teeth the body could produce; thus looking after ones teeth was made redundant. Out of a job when Dandy Dental was converted into a market for the Telekinesis Plasmid, Clyde, driven by rage and debt tried to get revenge on Bridgette Tenenbaum because she discovered ADAM.

Life before RaptureEdit

Clyde was born in 1921 in London, England. Interested with botany from a young age, Clyde wanted to become a botanist but his father, Cornelius, pushed him into becoming a dentist, just like him. He studied dentistry but also botany on the side and became a graduate in both fields. In 1947, a botanist he admired, Professor Julie Langford, from the United States who was presenting a paper to Oxford University told Clyde that she was invited to a city; "Where a man can earn and work for himself." Inspired by Clyde's knowledge on botany, Julie invited Clyde to come down to Rapture with her under the "Recommended Guest" scheme. In 1949 Clyde Truman was in Rapture.

Life in RaptureEdit

From 1949-1953, Clyde worked in Dandy Dental as a dentist, however with his other degree in botany, Clyde helped maintain Arcadia with Professor Langford. In 1956 when ADAM was used in cosmetic surgery, Clyde was out of a job in dentistry. Even with his education in botany, it was no longer needed as Arcadia was running at maximum efficiency and all maintenance tasks were done by machines. Langford, however provided Clyde with enough money to live in Hestia Chambers when combined with his savings. He managed to get a low paying job as a cleaner in the Medical Pavilion. During the Civil War; driven by rage and the state that Rapture was in; Clyde decided to carry revenge on Bridgette Tenenbaum. On July 21 1959, Clyde went to the Medical Pavilion to steal some "Emergency Stock" ADAM to carry his revenge on Tenenbaum. Upon entering the Pavilion, he was killed by Dr. J. S. Steinman and mounted on his surgery wall. He was dubbed "too tall" by the Doctor. He still lies there now.